song of the week

I’ve recently been trying to listen to alot of non-english speaking music after re-watching Bong Joon Ho’s Oscar acceptance speech. It’s got something to do with if one can get over the small barrier of subtitles you’d open yourself up to many more amazing movies. Which is parallel to music and a continent which has always overlooked musically is Africa. Zam-rock and Botswana’s metal scene are prominent African musical phenomena but not only is Mdou Moctar the first african guitar-based act which has little western influence I’ve heard, it’s also the first thing I’ve ever found from Niger. Hopefully one day I’ll get to go to a Mdou Moctar gig.

album of the week

I love the bizarre and confusing nature of jazz fusion. Bill Laswell and Tony Williams are joined by legendary guitar enigma Buckethead. It definetely isn’t the best jazz fusion album I’ve ever heard but it is suprisingly good. Featuring elements of thrash and prog, this is one not to be ignored.

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Ariel Pink Dropped By Label After Attending Capitol Hill Siege

Originally posted on LDN Music Magazine:
Words: Thomas-Bradey Riseley Indie-pop musician Ariel Pink, real name Ariel Marcus Rosenborg, has been dropped by label Mexian Summer after admitting he was in attendance at the ‘rally’ which violently stormed Capitol Hill on the January 6. Pink admits to being part of the large crowd which gathered for…