Ariel Pink Dropped By Label After Attending Capitol Hill Siege

LDN Music Magazine

Words: Thomas-Bradey Riseley

Indie-pop musician Ariel Pink, real name Ariel Marcus Rosenborg, has been dropped by label Mexian Summer after admitting he was in attendance at the ‘rally’ which violently stormed Capitol Hill on the January 6.

Pink admits to being part of the large crowd which gathered for the Save America rally at the White House Ellipse but returned to his hotel before the march to the Capitol building and riot took place. Responding to criticism on Twitter, he said, “I was in DC to peacefully show my support for the President. I attended the rally on the White House lawn and went back to [the] hotel and took a nap. Case closed.” Several protestors were shot during the riot and at least one homemade explosive device was found in the grounds. Donald Trump’s encouragement and incitement of the mob has lead to complete shut-down of his social media…

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