Spotify’s Algorithm Learns How to Listen

LDN Music Magazine

Words: Thomas-Bradey Riseley

Spotify’s ever-growing algorithm is soon going to sit down and listen, in the worst possible way. As if their 1’s and 0’s weren’t already scarily accurate with their suggestions by monitoring our listening patterns, they are now going to be using speech recognition to enhance the user experience.

In January 2021, Spotify was granted a patent for new personality tracking technology, something they had been waiting approval on since the application was filed in February 2018. The filing stated that demographics and their favourite type of music can be considered to “correspond to different personality traits” of each user. Its worth noting that they already had this information, your location and address and what you listen to already is contributed to the algorithm. Spotify has defended its new tech insinuating that it could promote even more personalised content to the user (mainly advertising content) but with their…

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