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Lady Gaga set to perform at Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Originally posted on LDN Music Magazine:
Pop megastar Lady Gaga is set to sing the US National Anthem at president-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20. Gaga had campaigned alongside Joe Biden, performing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 2 at a Biden rally; Pennsylvania was one of the key swing states which helped Biden win the…

Spotify’s Algorithm Learns How to Listen

Originally posted on LDN Music Magazine:
Words: Thomas-Bradey Riseley Spotify’s ever-growing algorithm is soon going to sit down and listen, in the worst possible way. As if their 1’s and 0’s weren’t already scarily accurate with their suggestions by monitoring our listening patterns, they are now going to be using speech recognition to enhance the…

Are some Genres are more ‘authentic’ than others?

Words by Thomas-Bradey Riseley Authenticity is widely misunderstood for emotion in performance. There is no scientific factor which makes one genre more authentic than the other. Authentic, by definition, is “of undisputed origin, and not a copy; genuine.” While some genres of music deliver more emotive and humanised performances, they cant be considered authentic and … Continue reading Are some Genres are more ‘authentic’ than others?

This Year’s Grammy Nominations: What The AF Is Going On?

Originally posted on LDN Music Magazine:
Words by Thomas Bradey-Riseley After what’s been a turbulent 2020, the Grammys have named their best and the rest yesterday (November 14). While not short of surprises in its 61-year existence – there usually are a few ‘wtf?’ moments – some snubs and acknowledgements are more significant this time…